April 5, 2021

My Pregnancy Experience After Surgery

Hello there,

I’m 34 years old. I underwent gastric sleeve surgery in July 2019, when I was 108 kg. My height is 165 cm.

The thing that motivated me to undergo gastric sleeve surgery was the fact that a close friend of my husband had undergone this surgery 1 year ago. I had the chance of observing his procedure in its entirety, as well as hearing about this surgery from a person who has undergone it himself. Till now, I have gone on a diet many times. I have reached weights as low as 79 kg however, every time I regained my weight back. For this reason, I decided to have this surgery. Of course, I also wanted to become a mother so I preferred this way. Because this circle of losing weight and regaining it seemed to be endless. My ideal age for becoming a mother was passing. I got married at the age of 30, when I was weighing 85 kilos. If I had become pregnant at 108 kg, I would gain even more weight and have major difficulties. Because I love eating very much, I was almost sure about the inevitable end. Thus we decided to get a solution to this problem before having a child.

Apart from the very first months after surgery, I can say that I didn’t quite have difficulties, thank God. And the difficulty of the first months consisted of the psychological process of adaptation. With this exclusion, everything was very good for me.

14 months had passed from my gastric sleeve surgery, that I got the news of my pregnancy. My precious little baby had already turned 5 weeks inside me. I did not experience any problems. At the moment our 28th week is over. 80 days are left for us to unite. In this period, I didn’t have any difficulties or problems regarding pregnancy or baby development. I was having a low-risk pregnancy, luckily this risk is over, and it was not a risk caused by my gastric sleeve surgery but by the nature of pregnancy itself. I was always concerned if I will be able to nurse my baby, whether it will develop normally or not, but thank God, till now there has been no underdevelopment or stunted weight gain of my baby. We have advanced through every week within normal values.

Many people around me often say things such as, “how will your baby develop” or “the food you eat will not be enough for yourself, let alone your baby”. Don’t listen to anyone. Everyone out there becomes a doctor or an obstetrician in such moments. Many things were said about my gastric sleeve surgery as well, people would say “don’t undergo this surgery”. But when you lose weight, dress nicely, everyone says “oh you have become so beautiful, it was a right decision”.
To sum up, do not be in doubt my friends. There are many things to tell about this procedure. If we write down all of these, it will make up a novel. You live this life for yourself. Do not delay your operation, for sake of yourself, your future, dreams and happiness. My only regret is my youth wasted in obesity.