Obesity Center 360 is committed to maintaining its reputation as one of Turkey’s leading centers for weight-loss surgery procedures. From Sleeve Gastrectomy to stomach balloon, our highly professionalized staff and experienced surgeons perform surgeries and provide post-op care according to your individual needs and aspirations. As we believe you deserve the best, our surgeries are performed in several hospitals around Istanbul with the latest technologies tailored for specific procedures.

Our Missions

At Obesity Center 360, ethics, integrity, technique, care, and ingenuity are fundamental principles from the initial consultation to the recovery and healing process.

Why Turkey?

Turkey has seen an influx of people seeking plastic surgery. In 2019 alone, 900,000 visited Turkey for a medical procedure, making up a whopping 32% of the country’s patients.

Besides the significantly lower costs, the reason for this surge is attributed to Turkey’s surgeons being well-educated and talented, most of whom studied in Europe and America. Also, because they have years of experience under their belt, those seeking cosmetic procedures felt at ease with putting their goals in the hands of Turkish surgeons. Most nations are known for specific cosmetic procedures. On the other hand, Turkey offers an extensive array of expertise in the field. Instead of traveling to different regions, a patient can opt for several quality procedures at a significantly reduced price.

Obesity Center 360 embodies Turkey’s reputation in the field of weight-loss surgery, delivering a well-rounded experience to our patients.

Why Obesity Center 360?

At Obesity Center 360, we provide you with the most experienced and skilled certified surgeons, as well as a package of the most advanced hospitality services, in order to achieve the best results from your weight-loss surgery procedure and keep you satisfied with our services. We simply transform your life at Obesity Center 360.

Our Team

10+ years, 350+ patients with a highly skilled and professional team