May 11, 2021

Bariatric Surgery Centers and Costs Worldwide

Nowadays, obesity surgeries can be performed successfully in many bariatric surgery centers. There is still no consensus on the best surgery choice for the surgical treatment of obesity in the medical world. In this context, each patient should be evaluated separately. Many factors such as how much the patient is overweight, the condition of secondary health problems due to obesity, eating habits, whether he/she will comply with diet and exercise recommendations affect the choice of surgery. The primary purpose of obesity centers is to enable patients to maintain their ideal weight by providing them with the right lifestyle changes.


What Should Be Considered While Choosing a Clinic in Bariatric Surgery

Today, there are many obesity centers worldwide, and it is vital to know which criteria we should consider when choosing these centers. The following points should be considered when choosing a clinic for bariatric surgery.

  • Obesity surgeons should ensure that they have appropriate certification, training and experience.
  • Obesity clinics should provide special auxiliary services such as specialist nursing care, nutrition instruction, counseling, and psychological assistance when needed.
  • The clinic where you will be operated should be working with anesthesiologists who have experience in the treating bariatric surgery patients.
  • Blood tests should be done for 24 hours.
  • Clinics should have counseling services required for the care of bariatric surgery patients, including care services.
  • Each patient must have a written informed consent process procedure that provides information about the surgical procedure, the risk of complications and mortality, alternative treatments, the possibility of losing weight, and the right to refuse treatment.


Bariatric Surgery Costs

Bariatric surgery, which effectively combats the obesity problem, will be an important turning point in your life. Bariatric surgery, also known as obesity surgery, is one of the most preferred obesity treatment methods. With this technique, the average volumes of the stomach are reduced, less food consumption is provided, and a feeling of satiety is achieved. It is not possible to determine a standard price as bariatric surgery prices vary according to the person and the method to be applied. You can get detailed price information by communicating with us, and you can send your questions to us via phone, mail, or our website. You can also visit many professional and licensed clinics providing this service in Turkey, get a free consultation, and get examined.


Which Factors Determine Bariatric Surgery Prices?

In determining the bariatric surgery price, the characteristics of the hospital, its capacity, the quality of the equipment to be used, the experience and expertise of the physician are taken as basis rather than the general condition of the patient. The exact price of sleeve gastrectomy cannot be given here. It is prohibited by the Ministry of Health to express any treatment fee in writing. You can reach us from the contact form on our website, call or send an e-mail to reach up-to-date price data, and get more information.